Our dedicated team are specialists in luxury lifestyle, providing consistent services day in day out to help create the very best life enhancements for our members, from planning a trip away to launching a new brand, sourcing the very best clothing to match your sense of style to the most luxurious spa experience, we turn dreams into reality.



Luxury Living Concierge Services is home to unforgettable, ultra-lavish travel events that define the most privileged lifestyles. From partying in Nevada’s black rock desert/ Ushuia hotel ibiza like a rockstar, to a week spent with a loved one indulging the pleasures of your own private island in the Seychelles, whether its fun thrill or a peaceful unwinding holiday the team at Luxury Living are here to help an offer you the best advice with years of experience. we artfully manage every last detail of unique luxury travel opportunities, one-of-a-kind experiences and exclusive destinations.

• Transportation
• Accommodations
• Tours and guides
• Safety and security
• Ultra-luxe VIP treatment

Our team of experts have travelled the globe to discover new exotic destinations including, exclusive offers, and end-to-end personal concierge services from the moment you book to the time you return home, ensuring you a bespoke experience of unrivalled magnificence.


Luxury Living Concierge Services specialises in exceeding your bespoke suit tailoring needs, with end-to-end service from style and fabric selection through to fitting and finish. In partnership with London’s premier suit tailors, we craft and deliver men’s Bespoke and  made-to-measure suits, beautifully tailored garments for business, leisure or formal occasions.

Experienced artisans take the time required to create, cut and personalise your pattern for the perfect silhouette. The finest fabrics like Cashmere, Alpaca and Luxurious Vicuna will be available along with the finest silk linings to deliver a modern contemporary and fashionable look for your wardrobe. Our commitment to service and excellence ensures exquisite style, superb fit and a distinct passion for ensuring every detail is just right.

You will be taken through over 30 measurements during your fitting process and styling consultation to deliver your perfect garment.

Personal Shopping


Our Luxury personal shopping service takes away the stress and inconvenience an allows you to sit back an relax where ever you are, we aim to provide clients a more relaxing experience .

Personal shopping from Luxury Living Concierge Services is designed to provide exclusive clients with support for all their luxury shopping needs, including customised consultation for gift giving, sourcing the most hard-to-find high-end luxury items and arranging shipping and delivery for challenging destinations.

Having your lifestyle manager at your finger tips shopping from your own comfort has never been easier

Personal shopping concierge services also include style consultation and finding the perfect outfit for any occasion, negotiating for high-end luxury items, sourcing tickets and access to the world’s most exclusive fashion events, and arranging purchases that are beyond the reach of a traditional shopping service.

Our personal agents have great relationships with the luxury brands including Balmain, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent Gucci and Louis Vuitton to ensure reliable and efficient service which meets the highest expectations of any clients quality and satisfaction. They are experienced supporting clients with the most exclusive and demanding lifestyles, who require a personal shopper with adequate knowledge and passion.

Beauty & Wellbeing


Indulging in luxury treatments help to restore balance in your life both inside and out. If you need to eliminate stress and restore peace and tranquillity, we can arrange treatments and therapies that will be able to do just that. Leaving you feeling refreshed, awakened and rejuvenated.

Fine Art


The fine art market is complex, opaque and highly vulnerable to volatility. Even sophisticated fine art collectors require the services of experts in the field who have the superb experience and connections required to discover rare purchasing opportunities and avoid pricey mistakes.

Personalized white-glove services from Luxury Living Concierge Services are your guarantee of limitless selection, superb value and individualised attention for your fine art sourcing and purchases. We work closely with clients who desire a unique look, a particular artist, or optimal value earning opportunities. Our access ranges from Richard Hamilton and Barbara Hepworth to Retna and Alec Monopoly.

Whether you are an established collector with specific goals in mind or just beginning your fine art journey, our team can provide you with expert curation advice. We have relationships with major artists, collectors and galleries worldwide, with the chance to view and purchase works before they are made available to the wider market. With such exclusive access to art houses we are able to provide exclusive pieces and peace of mind of authenticity.

Luxury Watches

The finest-of-the-fine handmade custom watches occupy a rare category of luxury living. Only the most exclusive of lifestyles allow ownership of fine timepieces such as  from the Rolex , Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and Richard Mille.

Luxury Living Concierge Services is your connection for the most prestigious, impossible-to-find and desirable luxury timepieces. Our resident team of experts are active among the highest echelons of the Swiss and international timepiece marketplace, with a proven ability to access Limited Edition timepieces with efficiency.

Consultation and sourcing of these unique and rare treasures is only where our service begins. When we locate your ideal luxury timepiece, we can negotiate for you all the details, including  availability, and the best prices. Additional related services include insurance, repair and security.

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