This article is written by Auria Heanley, Director at Oriel Partners PA Recruitment 

Your PA is key to getting every part of your personal and professional life running like clockwork, and as your relationship strengthens over time this allows your PA to fully understand what makes you tick, your preferences and how you like to work.  This person will typically be working alongside you or in constant contact therefore allowing them to be one step ahead, planning for your every need.  Also the closeness of your partnership will allow them to build up discreet relationships with your clients and contacts enabling this person to be a great gatekeeper and ambassador for your company.  

However, there are only so many hours in a day, and they can only be in one place at a time.  This article will highlight how concierge services can help your PA and what added value a good concierge service can bring.

What Does a Concierge Service Do

Reason 1

Although your PA will have a little black book of their own, a concierge service will have extensive little black books and will be able to open doors to the most exclusive restaurants and private events worldwide.  Their offices can be global allowing local contacts to be used and local knowledge can not be undervalued.  Therefore, to have this information on speed dial will allow your PA to give you access to the most sought after global private venues.

Reason 2

Your PA will be an expert on you and your business which the concierge service won’t be, nevertheless, working with this additional resource will enable them to oversee areas of your lifestyle that otherwise wouldn’t be attainable.  For a PA to have extensive knowledge across all sectors of lifestyle management would be unusual and a concierge service will be able to provide advice and introductions into the Arts, Wine, Education and Real Estate worlds.

Reason 3

Time is precious, and never more so than for a busy PA.  To have additional support at the PA’s fingertips, night or day will give that person peace of mind and also the opportunity to have a bit of downtime.  This is essential around the long hours a private/business PA can work and will ease the stress of long, challenging days.  The concierge service will have teams working shifts to cover different time zones so are always available and can cover tasks over holiday and sickness periods.  Time is also expensive and a concierge service can provide an hourly rate for personal shopping, dog walking, etc. freeing up your PA to get on with the more skilled parts of their role.

Reason 4

Many PA’s support UHNWs and VIPs and to have a good relationship with a luxury concierge service will be extremely valuable to them.  A luxury concierge service will be able to charter flights, yachts, advise on luxury villas, in fact supply all detailed high-end travel for their client.  This allows the PA to really tap into their expertise and experience and work in partnership with the concierge service as and when needed to provide that ultimate first-class service for his or her boss

About the Author 
Auria Heanley is Co-founder & Director at Oriel Partners a PA and administrative recruitment consultancy based in Central London. Auria is passionate about helping PA & VA candidates to stand out from the crowd.